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The easiest way is by taxi/Bolt/Uber. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the city centre and the cost is around 25 lei (5-6 euros). 

We can also provide transfers from/to the airport, by a partner transport company.

There are also buses from the airport (number 5 and 8) and the ticket price is 2.5 lei (0.5 euro). And then a short walk to the apartment.

We have a self check-in system, so you can enter the apartment  by yourself, using a code that we send you the day before arrival, together with a photo and explanation. It is really easy. And if there is any issue, we are always available on the phone or in person to assist you.

If we have no guests the day before your arrival, or if they check-out early, we can gladly accommodate you for free before the regular check-in time, that is 1 PM. Or at least you can leave your luggage, while we prepare the apartment for you. 

Late check-out is available for a fee, if no guests arrive to the apartment the same day. Regular check-out time is 11 AM.

Our apartments are located in the very centre of the city, and like in all city centres, parking is not widely available. 

For some apartments, we provide free parking places in the internal courtyard  of the building (e.g. Garden, Deco, Bohemian, Artist, Loft, Sunset apartments). 

For the others, we will help you with infos regarding the closest and cheapest places to park your car.

Yes, you can book 2 apartments located in the same building, such as Garden apart + studio, Bohemian + Artist, Loft + Sunset. The other apartments are anyway very close to each other, same street or just around the corner (3-5 min walking).

The easiest way is to pay by card, either directly when you make the booking, or later on (we send you a payment link automatically after you finalise the booking process).

 Alternatively, you can pay in cash upon arrival.

You can cancel booking by calling or by sending us an email.

For standard reservations, cancelations are free. We kindly ask you to let us know as soon as you can, so that we can make the apartment available for other guests.

Non-refundable reservations (with a 10% discount) cannot be cancelled unless an extenuating circumstance occurs.