Extended Stay


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Digital nomads

At Cluj Apartments we also offer extended stay apartments for long term travellers, or digital nomads.
Stay in the best locations in town, in historical or contemporary apartments, full of charm and with a unique design.
Choose Cluj Apartments if you want a home-like experience, plus some little extras, such as room service and free cleaning, so that you have a memorable experience in our beautiful city.

Visiting scholars & professors

Universities often welcome professors from other cities or countries. Logistics in these cases  can be challenging, but we do our best to ensure that your accommodation needs are fulfilled entirely.  This is Cluj Apartments value proposition: First of all, our apartments are located in central areas, close to the university you are visiting, making it easy to get around. We have the experience to assist you with the right solutions to suit your needs, preferences, and budget. Our apartments come fully-furnished and with complete kitchens; recreating the comforts of home while acting as a cost-effective option. In most cases, its twice the size at half the price vs. your traditional hotel.  Free weekly cleaning and in-suite laundry facilities We offer options from studios to two-bedroom apartments, giving the possibility of having family over. We provide timely, detailed, and clear invoices, making for a simplified billing process.
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Corporate Housing

At Cluj Apartments, we provide business travellers with unique places to stay, with all the comforts of home, including a kitchen where you can prepare a home cooked meal whenever you feel like it. For the rest of the time, we offer you room service from partner restaurants, delivered right to your door. Our fully furnished apartments are centrally located, close to all the attractions, and also making it easy to explore the city by foot and walk to your office.  Our prices are often 30-40% less than comparable hotels, and pricing decreases as the lengh of stay increases. Please contact us anytime for a personalised offer.

Corporate Stays for Project-based & Consulting Teams

A Studio apartment is often at least twice the size of an average hotel room (at a lesser cost) which is much more economical for longer projects.
A 2 or 3-bedroom apartment allows team members to host loved ones. This helps morale and reduces the risk of homesickness.
All apartments come fully furnished with a complete kitchen. Team members can enjoy home-cooked meals while on a project; this option is both healthier and more cost-effective.
Our apartments are often priced 30% to 40% less than comparable hotels, and pricing decreases as the length of stay increases

Employee Relocation

Companies pursuing talent outside of their own cities is becoming more and more common practice in today’s global economy. Sometimes the right person for the position does not reside the same location as the job, so companies often require employees and their families to relocate. Is is also often the case that an individual might need to relocate to another city in order to explore better career opportunities. When relocating to another city, setting up a temporary residence can be very helpful. Having a home base while you explore your new location, find and prepare a home, and deal with all multiple of details that arise when moving can really help you to feel comfortable in your new city. At Cluj Apartments we will provide you and your family a comfortable, equipped, temporary residence while you look around to find your new home. All of our apartments are centrally located, very close to schools, restaurants and city attractions, so that you can explore the city walking. They come with all the amenities you’ll need to feel comfortable in the interim, like fully equipped kitchens, complete with dining rooms, welcoming living areas equipped with TV, Internet and more, as well as convenient extra details like free weekly cleaning, in-suite laundry facilities, and assistance with everything you may need. 

Photoshoot & Film Locations

If you need a nice location for a photoshoot or a film, we have got you covered. Our apartments are full of charm and with a unique design. From classic glamour dotted with antique pieces of furniture, to Art Nouveau, Art Deco, to contemporary or industrial design, you can have a memorable journey moving from one apartment to another. Our guest services team is available to assist for everything you may need. Please contact us for a personalised offer.